The Role of a Civil Lawyer in Family Property Disputes

Family property can be the cause of many family disputes. The families involved can’t seem to stand each other, and things get so bad that the argument has to be settled in court. So, if you are embroiled in such a case where your opposition wants a significant portion of the property that they are not eligible to get, you should get in touch with a civil lawyer who will defend your case in court. Property lawyers assist their clients in many ways. Their first job is to understand what the dispute is about and what the logical solution to the problem should be. Then comes the part where they have to understand what the client wants. The role of a property lawyer is diverse. Here are some things that you can anticipate from your lawyer in the matter of a family property dispute:

Legal advice

The first role of the lawyer will be to give you proper legal advice on the case. Property disputes can be tricky if you haven’t been around it for years and suddenly come back to claim your share. The lawyer will estimate the value of the property, the portion you are legally eligible to, the amount of money that you may get if you don’t want the share of the property, the pending taxes that may have to pay, and so on. There should be someone to give you the correct legal advice, and there is no one better than a civil lawyer to do that.

Legal course of action

Every property dispute comes with several legal procedures that all the lawyers have to follow. When you are taking legal action against one of the shareholders of the property, you will have to send a legal notice. You will have to be represented by a civil lawyer who will forward the notification on your behalf. It will contain all the details regarding the claims and why you want to take legal action. Your lawyer will draft the notice, get it authorised and stamped, and then sent to the concerned party.

Once the legal notice is sent, the lawyer has to wait for an opposing letter based on which further actions will be taken. The opposition will also hire a lawyer who will take care of their legal matters in regards to the property dispute. Based on the reply to the notice, your lawyer will suggest you ideas on what should be done and what a fair deal should be.

Sometimes, the case may go on trial, and that is like a win-all or lose-all kind of situation. You have to depend on your lawyer to fight the case and win it for you. Alternatively, most of the cases are solved outside court via a mutual settlement. However, all the things need proper documentation and legal paperwork which is looked after by the lawyer. He/she will make sure that you get a good deal during family mediation.