Moving out from a rental property is one of the most stressful things as you are responsible for everything from shifting your possesions to cleaning the whole space. If you want to secure your deposit, you must ensure that you leave the apartment in its initial condition.

That being said, here are several crucial elements to consider during the end of lease cleaning.

Deep Cleaning is Vital

When you’re at the end of your lease, deep cleaning is crucial. Get rid of those hair dangles, loose dirt, muddy footprints and dust from the floors, walls, and carpets. Ensure you vacuum each and every corner as most of the trash tends to sit in these regions.

Before you move, make sure that the bathroom is spotless. Ascertain that all taps, toilet seat, shower glass and basin are clean and in the right condition. Don’t forget to change the pillow covers and bedsheets. Also, remember to vacuum the mattress.

If you do not have the time to do all this, consider hiring the best cleaners in calgary. They will not only save you time and money, but they will do a thorough job, increasing the chances of securing your bond money.

Take Care of Small Fittings and Fixtures

During the end of lease cleaning, small fittings and fixtures like light bulbs, switches and ceiling fans are often missed. So, pay close attention to them and repair if necessary. Also, removing stubborn stains can help handle some of the ‘smaller’ issues on your own. It is your responsibility as the tenant to keep the rented property clean and in the right condition, and also to pay for any damages caused.

Hire Professionals

Before relocating, it’s essential to get a bond cleaning performed by a reputed team of experienced and professional cleaners. These specialists know what the property manager or owner is looking for at the end of lease clean. It may sound easy and similar to what you do on a regular basis, but the end of lease cleaning calls for a lot of work. It shouldn’t be underestimated as the apartment will be judged by the property manager gave that you want the full bond money amount to hire professional cleaners.

Return all Household Items and Keys

After vacating the rental home, you’ll be expected to give back the keys you were initially given plus any other items like doorbell functionalities, garage remote controls, etc., within a specified period. If you do not give back all these items, you risk not only incurring the cost of replacing the keys/items, but also the cost of repairing the locks. Missing kets are usually a sign that someone has mistakenly lost them or purposely kept them.

Attend The Final Inspection

Make sure that you are present during the final inspection when the property manager or landlord comes. If there are things that need to be cleaned or repaired, especially those you may have missed, try and resolve the issue right away. This can be through conducting additional cleaning or discussing possible repairs.

These are the five must do’s during an end of lease cleaning.

5 Must Do’s For End of Lease Cleaning